A road movie like the Paris-Dakar but without the prize



A tale told backwards about a broken friendship between African migrants in Europe. Matar is a teacher and author of Wolof-Spanish dictionaries and Eliou is the driver that takes him back home, from Barcelona to Dakar. We followed them in their journey. Together we travel through the vast plains of Spain, crossing the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco and Western Sahara, meeting Africans waiting for their chance to cross the European walls. When the van crashes on a lonely road in Mauritania, odd things start to happen between us. The original story of homecoming transforms into a complex and sensitive portrayal of troubled companionship and lost friendship.

20 hours of footage

20 hours of deserts, dunes, roads… Shaky camera in middle of nowhere… 6119 Km in 4 days 1529 Km per day… Barcelona, Algeciras, Tanger, Rabat, Marrakeash, Agadir, Dakhla… Noandhibou, Noakchott, Rosso, St. Louis… Dakar


"Ask for forgiveness, not permission." Herzog

Daniele Piras

Chang Cheng

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